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"Wine" may be proclaimed as the aristocrat of the beverage industry. Because of its noble and long history, it has been extracted with simplicity and noble packaging techniques. When it comes to packaging design of bottles and cans, we may instinctively ask “If this is a bottle of wine, what will I do with it?”. The following contents will introduce some common design techniques for several types of wine labels which will help with the design of packaging for various bottles and cans.

Holo’s advantage: It owns complete facilities for wine label production, and it can assist in the design works in addition to label manufacturing. The techniques used include printing, hot stamping, squeeze-up, special knife-shape stamping, special inks such as fluorescent, temperature-sensitive ink, etc. In addition, it provides special materials such as waterproof Tyvek® paper and low temperature glues.

Patented High-Precision Positioning Hot Stamping Equipment

Hot stamping effect has been widely adopted in wine label applications. Normally one additional process would be required for adding another color with the traditional hot stamping equipment, while Holo’s patented three-axis positioning hot stamping equipment can handle three colors with one single operation. In addition to increasing production efficiency, the accuracy of multi-color superimpose printing is greatly improved, and it has created more freedom in design performance.

Hot Stamping and Positioning Squeeze-up

Squeeze -up is a technology which we may easily put into consideration to upgrade the texture, because it is low-key, not too dazzling, but will tangibly increase the tactile feel. Sometimes the squeeze-up effect is not obvious enough on white paper. If it is made on the same surface after hot stamping is treated, stereoscopic relief from light and shadow will be enhanced. Holo's three-axis positioning hot stamping equipment also helps with the positioning accuracy of hot stamping and squeeze-up.

Special knife shape

The label designs are not necessarily square-shaped. We can design complex and changeable molding shapes and come up with even more fashionable designs. However, the procedure has its limits eventually. Normally, there isn’t any issue with the specs of R0.5mm or above in molding, and some molding or etched cutter can even achieve the accuracy of R0.1mm, but the corresponding costs and risks are certainly higher.

Special Ink and Laser Hot Stamping Film

Under some circumstances the designs can be enhanced by using special inks such as fluorescent ink, temperature-sensitive ink, and color-changing ink, etc. In addition to the hot stamping films with various colors, there are also laser hot stamping films, and the transparent laser hot stamping films can also provide special textures which are rarely available in the market.

Special Paper Materials

Ordinary stickers will lose their stickiness under low temperature. Thus, we would recommend using special low-temperature-resistant glues if the products are to be used inside freezers or under low temperature. If the products need to cope with water, the water-resistant Tyvek® paper or pearlescent synthetic paper can be put into consideration. Tyvek's paper has obvious paper texture on the surface, which is also a kind of rich texture for layering performance.






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