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The key designs of Park Voucher are very similar to those of the entrance tickets and gift vouchers. Park vouchers also have values and purpose of publicity. Organizers of school carnivals or fun fairs are usually not of profit-driven business, but charity units or social welfare institutions. Therefore, to promote related principles and images via such park vouchers has become very important task.

The biggest difference between park vouchers and other tickets is that park vouchers have smaller denomination values and are larger in their quantities. This is to encourage consumers to consume on multiple stalls, and also to solve the problems of the changes.

The booklet type park voucher

The booklet type park voucher – a stack of park vouchers per person. It is easy to carry because of their small sizes, and easy to tear off for uses from the paste side.

Dotted line park vouchers

Dotted line park vouchers - a large piece of park voucher consists of a variety of bill values separated by perforation cutting lines. Simply follow the dotted lines to tear off separately. The larger layout provides more spaces that can be used for promotion on the activities or related ideas.

A booklet with a variety of designs

A booklet with a variety of designs - through the process of digital printing or combined printing, the designs of park vouchers can have a variety of bill values and styles. The sensation of an entire series is the strongest visual expression for the purpose of promotion activities.

Latent image security

Utilize the different reflection angles from different inks, latent image anti-counterfeiting effects can be made that the hidden patterns are clearly visible only at certain rotating angles. Such anti-counterfeiting effects can only be made through special processes. The anti-counterfeiting level is high, and easy for the consumers to identify.

Link to :「Anti-counterfeiting Security Printing Pattern

Relief Engraving Printing Pattern

Relief engraving printing - the complex changes through thin or bold curved lines have been used which come up with specific patterns that it not only creates quality textures with authority, the redrawing process also make it difficult to forge.

Link to :「Anti-counterfeiting Security Printing Pattern

Micro text (fine characters, extremely tiny characters)

Micro text is a very simple and effective means of anti-counterfeiting measure. The printing equipment needs to be adjusted to the most precise status for printing extremely small characters. The small characters can be hidden at wherever places not easy to find, so that counterfeiters are not able to forge, and let alone re-producing through copying. For the current printing level’s regard, whatever fonts smaller than 0.3mm (1pt) are classified as micro text, which need to be assisted by magnifying glass for viewing clearly. It depends on the printing condition differences, there surely are other methods for making even smaller characters, but there could be different constrains accordingly.

Link to 「Anti-counterfeiting Security Printing Pattern

Hologram film and Hot Stamping

Hologram film has been an anti-counterfeiting approach used for almost all kinds of bills, particularly because it has the effects of high anti-counterfeiting, ease of identification and special texture that it has played the role of finishing touch on this application.

Link to 「Stamping Hologram Public Version

Embossing Guilloche Pattern

hrough the embossing process, the hot stamping can show complex Guilloche pattern. In addition, you can feel tactile impression, so that the anti-counterfeiting effect can be more easily identified.

Link to 「Stamping Hologram Public Version






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