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A transparent laser sticker can set off the quality of the object which the sticker is attached to or the good craftsmanship of the package. Compared with a laser sticker with silver background, it is much simpler and introverted, and it can also be made with transparent coating to perform with textures from printing and laser altogether.

Tamperproof and Space-Saving Transparent Laser Sticker

The transparent laser stickers attached onto the important information can effectively prevent malicious tampering, and there is no need to worry about where to attach the anti-counterfeiting stickers on pre-designed packages.

Sealing Sticker | Sealing Tightly Without Covering Important Information

Sealing stickers are typically recommended to be over 25mm in diameter. The larger the size, the less likely to come off. However, when the size of a sticker is large, unfortunately it may cover some important information. The transparent laser stickers do not have such issues, that they can handle both sealing and anti-counterfeiting functions perfectly.

Anti-counterfeiting frame sticker | Anti-counterfeiting and tactile quality enhancement

Transparent laser stickers are less obtrusive and their attachment on the products’ frame surfaces does not affect products’ existing good designs. They may even enhance the values of the products. Such applications are commonly seen on many famous watches or expensive gears of ball games.

Transparent Laser Coating Film | Anti-Counterfeiting and Tamperproof

The transparent laser can be made into a coating film to attach onto to the sticker surface and combine laser’s anti-counterfeiting feature together with color printing. Because the transparent laser is attached above the printing layer, it can also achieve tamperproof purpose.

Transparent Laser Anti-Counterfeiting + Hot Stamping

Transparent laser can also be processed on printing materials by hot stamping. Since the laser layer is very thin, it is almost impossible to feel the difference in height with hand touches, and there is a feature that it is entirely impossible to change the sticker (removing the sticker to attach on the counterfeit product).






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