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They look just like pieces of ordinary cards. However, they are made with state-of-the-art craftsmanship and technologies. You may easily find them in our life, and I believe everyone must have had several such cards in his/her wallet or purse which amaze you when you see them.

Sometimes they are used to deliver an upmost goodwill with ultimate caring supports and services to the VIP customers. Even if they are designed in simple fashion, they deliver with the earnestness of the service givers, together with relevant commitments and warranties.

How to design a PVC card, and what can be put into the designs? A card can comprise with unique features by using a variety of craftsmanship and technologies, and next you may see all the goodies the PVC cards have to show you!

Matt PVC Card

Are PVC cards necessarily be made with shining surfaces? The Matt PVC Cards are now available that their surfaces make you feel like touching the skin of a baby!

Relief Design

Ink Piling Printing Technology enables PVC card to have bas-relief textures and sense of unevenness. It can present the effects of wood veins, convex characters, etc. that it makes every card holder to feel the card’s significance.

Crystal Diamond Card

The entire cards look shining as their unique inks applied are combined with sparkling powders, and partial printing can be made to highlight on the portions to be emphasized.

Golden Gilt Card

Not like conventional hot stamping with mono color, the cold stamping printing technology has been adopted on Golden Gilt Cards that they are able to present metallic-color printing with gradient and delicate color variations.

Hair Line Texture

Hot Stamping

The presence of metallic color is usually the reason why hot stamping is used on PVC cards. Different film materials will result in different color effects. The sparkling laser texture is also available in addition to golden and silver colors.

The combination of PVC card and laser full-image effect can achieve high-graded security level, and at the same time increases the sense of value of the product.

The product may serve as a VIP membership card or access control ID card, NFC proximity card, etc. It can avoid being counterfeited, and there are obvious differences between laser textures and general printing that is easier for identification.

Transparent Laser PVC Card

The information on the printed layer of the PVC card can be protected from tampering by attaching a transparent laser film. Laser effects are easy to identify, hard to counterfeit, and increase the value of the card. Similar practices are widely used in passports or ID cards in various countries.

Hologram hot stamping PVC card

The laser textures with gold or silver background will be clearer than the transparent type, and it will be easier to present 3D effects or to identify more detailed anti-counterfeiting effects. This effect is widely used in various credit cards or ID cards.

The use of laser effect, together with stylish design, will make a PVC card appears solely unique.






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