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There are thousands of marketing approaches available, while the easiest and most effective one is the use of “gift coupon”.


Because gift coupons have values, people would keep and take good care of them, and would use them properly. In addition to attracting customers to the stores for shopping, the graphics and literal information on the coupons also have the effects on advertisements that coupons are medias which make customers be aware of the stores repeatedly. Therefore, gift coupons are the brands’ best goodwill ambassadors, aren’t they?

The explicit anti-counterfeiting designs declare on the genuineness clearly, and are able to upgrade the sense of values. On the other hand, the implicit anti-counterfeiting designs have further improved the barriers of counterfeiting, and to provide producer and customers with advanced protections. To achieve the marketing objectives, the gift coupons do not only need to look valuable but also need to have genuine values. No wonder anti-counterfeiting designs have been used on the gift coupons. Many of the anti-counterfeiting designs are similar to what are used on the bills to create sense of values.

After all, as the brands’ representatives, can they do without decently packaging themselves?

Dotted lines to tear off separately

One coupon can be used as multiple sub-coupons through perforation line cutting. Simply follow the dotted lines to tear off separately, it is not only environment friendly, but also economical. It is so cost effective and versatile! Such approach is normally applied for fair coupons, and can be configured with different bill values and multiple expenditures.


The coupons can be packed with different kinds of craftsmanship, such as glue-binding, which is similar to the texture of the books. It looks intact, artistic and not easy to fall off.

Edge Pasting

Edge pasting is also a common binding approach. Although it looks simple, but easy to handle, and the pricing is well accepted by the majority.

Moire Hidden image

The shaded block at the bottom right corner has a hidden "Moire" effect. Visually it is simply a shaded block if you see with naked eyes, while we can see the hidden textures (such as the Holos pattern in the picture) through a specific inspection film.

Link to :「Anti-counterfeiting Security Printing Pattern

Random Numbering Scheme

The random numbering scheme(each serial number has different color combination) which gives each coupon a unique ID number can facilitate managing each single coupon’s whereabouts, or to record the issuing timing data for manufacturing, products, and down to the retailers' managements. Moreover, its multi data swapping anti-counterfeiting verification and directional marketing approaches are made possible by coping with the cloud verification platform.

Link to :「Anti-counterfeiting Security Printing Pattern

Anti-counterfeiting shading patterns

The anti-counterfeiting shading patterns of guilloche, fractal, relief, engraving, anti-copy, etc. which consist of changes of most complicated lines or patterns can be made by way of specific mathematics and logic algorithms. Such beauty of its kind is so unique, and the only way to counterfeit is to zoom in and to depict entirely, but that is extremely difficult to perform.

Link to :「Anti-counterfeiting Security Printing Pattern

Stamp Embossing Effect

Stamp embossing effect upgrades the quality and value of the gift coupons. It brings up tactile charm with low key. Such steel stamp marks also imply fair and public trust on the securities or supporting documents.

Hologram film and Hot Stamping

Hologram film has been an anti-counterfeiting approach used for almost all kinds of bills, particularly because it has the effects of high anti-counterfeiting, ease of identification and special texture that it has played the role of finishing touch on this application.

Link to 「Stamping Hologram Public Version

Embossing Guilloche Pattern

Through the embossing process, the hot stamping can show complex Guilloche pattern. In addition, you can feel tactile impression, so that the anti-counterfeiting effect can be more easily identified.

Link to 「Stamping Hologram Public Version






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