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Have ever seen "Chocolate Adventure Factory" that Johnny Depp starred?

The little boy "Charlie Bucket" in the movie drew a lottery ticket, which can be exchanged for a large amount of money to ease the family plan. Nevertheless, after a tough struggle, he still chose to leave this lottery ticket…

Because it is also a "ticket" into the chocolate factory.

It is understandable that tickets are equivalent to an anticipated "experience" for people, and the value of tickets is determined by how much people are willing to spend to buy this experience. How to design a paper of memory carrying?

Security design is just the basic requirement to make it valuable. It also needs to meet the purpose of marketing and collection!

The theme of event or brand recognition is the focus of ticket design. It's not only for marketing promotion, but also allow people to collect since it has commemorative value.

Ticket can be designed in a series of regular ticket, half ticket, discount ticket, VIP ticket and so on to let people with different identities all feel honorable. Ticket performance can be richer and more diverse, and tickets with multiple versions can be printed with combined printing or digital printing to have a nice price of little amount.

Perforated dotted line

Perforated dotted line is easy but there are thousands of ways to be used. For example, it can be used to distinguish counterfoil and receipt and can also be an admission proof. Adhesive binding tickets with dotted line also let it easier to tear and use. With this small detail of dotted line make entrance ticket be completed and protect the interests of consumers in the meanwhile.

Adhesive binding that is similar to the texture of the book

Tickets can be booked according to different craft, like adhesive binding that is similar to the texture of the book, complete, beautiful and not easy to miss and fall apart. This allows the stack to stay together for easy transport and allows for quick distribution of tickets.

Glue along one side

Glue along one side to pad tickets together is a common way of binding, too. Although it’s rough but easy processing, and the price is more affordable.


There exist implicit moire pattern that naked eyes can only see the sole color blocks, while the hidden patterns can be seen through exclusive inspection filters.

Link to Anti-counterfeiting Security Printing Pattern

Variable information-Serial number, Barcodes, QR Code

Variable information can be serial number, barcodes, pictures…etc to let each ticket has distinguished ID number, which is helpful for the management of ticket flow, the recording of ticket selling interval, and the control of production, commodities, and distributors.

Link to Anti-counterfeiting Security Printing Pattern

3.Guilloche Pattern

The anti-counterfeiting shadings such as fractal, relief, engraving, and anti-copying types, etc. can be made with extremely complicated lines or pattern variations via specific mathematic logic algorithms. Not only difficult to fake, such design characteristics have well become unique esthetics of the security category products. The only possibility for copying is to imitate and draw thoroughly after blowing up, but it is extremely difficult.

Link to Anti-counterfeiting Security Printing Pattern

Embossing Effect

Beyond color printing, add embossing effect (like embossed stamp) on tickets can boost up ticket texture efficiently, which is humble and has charming tactile sensation. For valuable tickets or certificate documents, embossed stamp also implies the meaning of fair and equitable.

Hologram hot stamp

In addition to general graphic design, we can also combine many special printing processes such as transparent hologram hot stamp (like the photo above shows), which is subtle but remarkable. By doing this, it increases security level as long as improve ticket texture.

Link to Stamping Hologram Public Version

Embossing Guilloche Pattern

Through the embossing process, the hot stamping can show complex Guilloche pattern. In addition, you can feel tactile impression, so that the anti-counterfeiting effect can be more easily identified.






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