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Making copies is a simple and faster method for counterfeiting. Most of the anti-counterfeiting effects from Holo solution are unable to be copied intact. However, it is not easy for the general users to distinguish the copied ones from the original piece. Some important documents do not need to be entirely prohibited from making copies; instead, it is necessary to easily identify the original from the copied pieces, such as inspection reports, contracts, certificates, testimonial, and guarantees certificates, etc. Only if it is easy to identify the original from the duplicate can both parties’ interests be well protected, and the original copy’s authority and sense of value can be well validated.
Anti-copying is a kind of security background line. Some regular textures can be seen before making copies without feeling much difference, but some specific patterns would appear on the copied pieces, which make identification much easier.

Public version anti-copying paper

Holo Solution offers exclusive template of papers for anti-counterfeiting. The customers may buy from us for printing purposes directly without the need to re-make a new template that the good advantage of anti-counterfeiting can be well leveraged from a very small quantity of such papers.

Holo Solution provides four kinds of public-version anti-copying papers. There are complex version with both Chinese and English, and mono version with English only which can be applied in most cases.

Customized anti-copy paper

anti-copying papers can also be customized. Aside from printing logos with specific colors and standardized texts, more security substrate patterns can also be added for enhancing their anti-counterfeiting and brand recognition capabilities.


Binding - anti-copying is only an anti-counterfeiting effect. According to different requirements, it can be designed into a variety of document formats, such as contracts, warranties, testimonial, agreements, and documents with benefits in legal phase, etc. It can also be bound into books, folded, or undertake perfect binding.

Anti-counterfeiting testimonial

Link to 「Anti-counterfeiting Security Printing Pattern

Anti-copying effects do not necessarily be made of full-layout design, it can also be configured within specific blocks.


Through two-color printing, anti-copying can create the watermark effect, and that makes replication even more difficult.

Link to 「Anti-counterfeiting Security Printing Pattern

Guilloche Pattern

The anti-counterfeiting shadings such as fractal, relief, engraving, and anti-copying types, etc. can be made with extremely complicated lines or pattern variations via specific mathematic logic algorithms. Not only difficult to fake, such design characteristics have well become unique esthetics of the security category products. The only possibility for copying is to imitate and draw thoroughly after blowing up, but it is extremely difficult.

Link to 「Anti-counterfeiting Security Printing Pattern

Relief Engraving Printing Pattern

The complex changes through thin or bold curved lines have been used which come up with specific patterns that it not only creates quality textures with authority, the redrawing process also make it difficult to forge.

Link to 「Anti-counterfeiting Security Printing Pattern

Micro text (fine characters, extremely tiny characters)

Micro text is a very simple and effective means of anti-counterfeiting measure. The printing equipment needs to be adjusted to the most precise status for printing extremely small characters. The small characters can be hidden at wherever places not easy to find, so that counterfeiters are not able to forge, and let alone re-producing through copying. For the current printing level’s regard, whatever fonts smaller than 0.3mm (1pt) are classified as micro text, which need to be assisted by magnifying glass for viewing clearly. It depends on the printing condition differences, there surely are other methods for making even smaller characters, but there could be different constrains accordingly.

Link to 「Anti-counterfeiting Security Printing Pattern

Hologram film and Hot Stamping

Hologram film has been an anti-counterfeiting approach used for almost all kinds of bills, particularly because it has the effects of high anti-counterfeiting, ease of identification and special texture that it has played the role of finishing touch on this application.It also improves the overall texture of the certificate, as if a golden medal is really hung on the certificate. In addition to the common gold and silver hot stamping, you can also refer to laser hot stamping, which can take the anti-counterfeiting level to a higher level.

Link to 「Stamping Hologram Public Version






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