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Have you ever wondered why all the way from the high quality boutique stores to the biscuits in ordinary supermarkets you can easily see one or two stickers on each packing box despite there exist printing contents on these boxes already. All the information actually can be printed onto the packing boxes altogether, and why do they want to leave some information on these stickers? Well, there do exist many good reasons for that; some are because of packing or sealing purposes, and some are because the importers want to make language translations…

It is not easy to explain in details, and we will introduce a kind of stickers called “product label” firstly.

Most of the branded products are very diverse and complex. Sometimes same product might have frequent changes on the specifications details, and the changes could be made according to the regulations too. If all the information has been printed on their packing boxes, the chances are there could be big stacks of packing materials piling up, and that could consequently result in management issues and risks of becoming garbage due to specification amendments. Therefore most of the branding players will make packaging materials with fixed specifications beforehand, and the changeable portions and frequently-amended information will be taken care of by way of sticker attachments, and that’s why such “product labels” have come along.

Product label is easily overlooked on packaging design

In the process of packaging design, it happens quite often that the product label portion is overlooked, and then makes it up with a simple label to fit in roughly. Such kind of hasty work does do harm to the overall packaging quality. Therefore some emphasis on the product labels must be submitted to the designers at the packaging design stage. It is a must, must be put into consideration, and has got to be well done beautifully.

Be sure to put into design! Be sure to put into design! Be sure to put into design! It has been highlighted three times, because it is extremely important.

Anti-counterfeiting product labels

If the products have anti-counterfeiting requirements, it is a good idea to combine the anti-counterfeiting designs with the product labels as that can reduce the cost of having one more label, and can avoid channel conflict issues.

In fact, from the perspective of brand recognition, the use of hologram effect acts like the finishing touch, which can enhance the packaging quality significantly

Changeable product label

Some manufacturers will pre-print the background or logo patterns, and then print out the changeable contents such as product names, specifications, and production dates, etc. by using the barcode printers. Such measure should print a full roll of stickers firstly, and then proceed with the follow-up operations.

Product labels for verification

For the cases when changeable serial number contents or different QR code contents are to be printed out for inspection or verification purposes, such demands are big, and can result in benefits of cost reduction and operation convenience. You may refer to “EASYTELL Online Verification Center” for more information on the QR Code Online Verification System.

Anti-counterfeiting printing

By utilizing the printing of security background lines, such as correlation (overlapped light gating), guilloche, and micro text effects, etc. can increase the effectiveness of anti-counterfeiting and deterrent without increasing the production cost. Since such kind of patterns has been explicit options for banknotes and securities, the counterfeiters would keep away from them accordingly. Please refer to the "List of security background line effects" for more detailed information.


Hologram positioning hot stamp

Similar product labels with hologram security effect. Such positioning hot stamp can have fixed pattern on every label with texture and anti-counterfeiting features similar to ordinary credit cards. Please refer to the "security hologram trademark" for more descriptions on hologram effects.

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