OEM Service for Hot Stamping

Hot stamping and color printing are the two main tasks for presenting printed graphics and text contents. The printing can be made with four-color overprinting to have a more detailed performance, while different metal textures can be easily made by using different hot stamping materials. Moreover, our expertise surely also includes holographic laser texture. The other good feature of hot stamping is to use heat and pressure to create the sense of quality on the surface through squeeze-up or stamp-down practices. Such effects cannot be easily realized through color printing.

Three Color Three Positioning Hot Stamping

The patented hot stamping machine designed by HOLO SOLUTION INC. is able to engage three different film materials simultaneously in the process. The accuracy of such practice with three different film materials used in a single stamping process is equivalent to what in the three-color printing. It is for sure that mass production will be more cost-effective accordingly.

Hot Stamping and Shape Cutting at A Time

There are two processing platforms on the machine that the hot stamped piece can be directly proceeded to the shape cutting process on the same machine for a finished product. The machine has got alignment devices that the work piece which has got its printing process finished can be forwarded to the secondary process through electric-eye alignment devices to achieving required positioning precisely.

Achieving Multiple Esthetic Textures at A Time

Multiple esthetic textures from surface processes such as squeeze-up, stamp-down, embossing, positioned stamping, multiple-color stamping, etc. are available, and for sure even richer variations can also be realized through combining multiple effects altogether!






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