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Custom Hologram Security Label

Hologram label produced with top security line design as well as professional hologram production process has high level anti counterfeit function and high degree of recognition. In the era of counterfeiting rampant, security hologram label is the most economical and effective solution to distinguish the authenticity of. Hologram trademark label is not only gorgeous and eye-catching, but also a substantial increase in product value.

Link to Holographic Effects Introduction

Custom Hologram Trademark Label will have distinguished security effect of high brand recognition. “Variable image security effect” will show different images at different angles, and is easier to identify the authenticity.

Link to Holographic Effects Introduction

Custom Hologram Label can design unique “hidden” security effect. Hologram micro text is clearly visible in the size of 40-20um, and can be seen only under a specific light angle and a magnifier with enough magnification. Therefore, counterfeiters can’t find a way in.

Link to Holographic Effects Introduction

Custom Hologram Trademark Label can design “complex security background lines ”, which is calculated by computer to form a specific pattern. Counterfeiters should redraw hundreds of complicated and changeable curve line but that still can’t be completely consistent. It’s time-consuming and tedious.

Link to Holographic Effects Introduction

Free of Master Hologram Label

​Holo Solution Inc. firstly innovated Free of Master hologram process. It don’t need master fee and can produce customizedly with small batch, and what is more, it can reach nearly similar quality and effect as custom hologram security label.

Color Printing Standard Hologram Label

Beside of custom hologram label, we also provide Standard Hologram Label option for low budget and urgent order requirements. There are various styles for choosing. We can also print exclusive company information on standard hologram labels such as company logo, company name, variable serial number…etc. Especially when we ask for significant brand color identity or variable data printing (such as serial number, random number, barcode, qr code...and so on. ) for better product flow management, we strongly recommend to use Color Printing Standard Hologram Label.

You can see the public edition hologram label here: [Link to public edition hologram label]

Hollow Out Standard Hologram Label

Hollow Out Standard Hologram Label not only has high quality and high security level, but it also has anti-alter purpose to eliminate the suspicion of printing tampering. Hollow Out contents can be changeable, for example that every label has distinguished number and brand manufacturer can easily control product sailing quantity and area through numbers.

You can see the public edition hologram label here: [Link to public edition hologram label]






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