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Is it safe to call for home delivery during COVID-19 epidemic period? Try this talisman to ensure the safety of food delivered.

In the recent years delivery services and delivery platforms have been on the rise, and delicious foods can be delivered to home after few fingertip operations. However, is there any dispute involved in such convenient services? The answer is “Yes”. Normally there must be solid relationships of reciprocal benefits and mutual trusts between the delivery platforms and shops. It happened quite sometimes that the delivery men stole and ate the foods ordered, and consequently created issues between customers and shops, which not affected the shops’ images but also brought doubts to the delivery platforms. Are the delivery men the only suspects to be considered for such issue? Actually there could be many other factors involved which are not easy to take precautions.

The Food-tamper-proof Labels thus have been given birth to this era of convenience. Many shops have already used this type of labels to attach onto the packed foods before delivering to the customers. Relevant VOID text mark or other contents will appear right after the customers tear off the labels to ensure the packed foods have not been unpacked before they are delivered to the customers.

Without tearing off, there won’t be any chances of mouth foam or touch infections, and let alone any possible dispute due to sneaking theft.

Firstly, make the plastic bag well-packed and twisted, and then attach the Food-tamper-proof Label on the bag handler in a rolled back manner. The VOID mark will appear after the label is torn off to ensure the consumer is the first one to open the food package.

Food-tamper-proof Label

The Food-tamper-proof Labels can be customized with small volumes according to needed dimensions and printing contents. They are not just ordinary labels, as you may design them with extraordinary esthetics and features to impress your customers.

The labels can be attached directly onto the meal boxes, and signs of being torn off will be left after they are opened. Similarly, they can also be used to achieve the purposes such as theft prevention, branding promotions, etc. to bring customer with peace of mind on food safety.

Food-tamper-proof Tape

In addition to being used as labels, the “tape” type of application is also convenient. They can be directly hung on the universal tape dispenser and then be cut and used with different length requirements to meet your dimensional requirements with max flexibility.

It can be applied with different attaching practices to meet different kinds of packaging requirements.

Theft prevention on foods can be easily achieved by using tapes even if it is for the cases of using plastic bags.






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