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In the recent years digital printing has been a trend in the printing industry. A new printing task can get started without the need for making a plate, and the production can always be conducted with decent efficiency and quality. HOLO SOLUTION INC. has high-end digital printing equipment. In addition to the ordinary stickers, labels, post cards, name cards, we also have the new state-of-the-art technology basis art papers, L-shaped folders, coffee bags and 350P cardboard boxes available. No need for making plate, and we can even make one single piece demand into production.

Coffee Bag Packages

There are two kinds of coffee bags made of both Kraft papers and white-color papers (with zipper). The bags are thermal-sealed after filling.

Precautions need to be paid not to print too full or too close to the edges.

L-Shaped Folder

Double-sided printing can be made, and precautions need to be paid not to print too full or too close to the edges.

Rice Bag

Double-sided printing can be made, and it is recommended to vacuum the bags and then perform thermal sealing after filling the rice. Precautions need to be paid not to print too full or too close to the edges.

Color Stickers, Labels and Packing Pasters

We can combine small stickers by multiple plates, as well as print out large-sized packing pasters. There are a variety of selections for the materials of the stickers, such as general copperplate stickers, molded stickers, or waterproof synthetic stickers, anti-counterfeiting laser stickers, etc.

Post Card, Name Card and Art Paper Printing

The new types of digital printing equipment are now able to perform printing tasks on most of the art papers to present relevant surface texture on the papers, to cope with the designs and produce printed maters with quality, such as post cards and name cards.

Packaging Paper Box, Color Box

No more worries on large-quantity issues of color boxes!

Digital Shape Cutting / Laminating (Coating)/ Creasing (Broken Line, Dotted Line)

After digital printing and some post-processing tasks such as laminating and screen printing, the digital cutting process will be proceeded, and various shapes of stickers, paper cards or color boxes can be made.






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