Cylinder Label Printing Process

Cylinder label printing process can complete the entire tasks including four-color printing, laminating, sticker shape cutting, UV solidification and sheet cutting within a production cycle. Each process can achieve ± 0.1mm precision, and the production cost can be significantly reduced.

Rich Ink Absorbency

Comparing to rotary type relief printing or planographic printing, the flatbed relief printing employs a flat surface to press against the paper. It can provide higher pressure and flatness that the colors will be more saturated in the printing performance on the large-area color blocks.

Smooth and Elastic Pressure

Because of its richer ink absorbency and higher pressure compared to planographic printing, it will be easier to handle embossed paper or art paper printing. It is easier for the ink to get into the fibers of the paper textures.

Film Lamination and Shape Cutting at A Time

Real-time film lamination (glossy or matt) and waste discharge can be performed at a time in the back end of the machine with high efficiency and low-cost features.

Ink UV Curing

According to the way the inks are cured, the two most common types are "thermo curing" and "UV curing" inks. The UV curing inks will be solidified immediately when exposed to UV light, and they feature for high efficiency and rich absorbency. Compared to that the thermo curing inks are relatively cheaper, and due to longer period of time taken in the absorption process the papers would absorb more inks so that the printing surfaces will appear flatter (thinner).

If we access from application point of view, as inks are not easy to attach to the surfaces of what made with plastic materials, such as PET and PVC, thus the UV curing type of inks would look better. Simply put a layer of protection film outside, and then there shouldn’t be any issue at all.






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