Anti-counterfeiting Ink | Color-Change Ink | Temperature-Sensitive Ink | Light-sensitive Ink

The ink will show up, change colors and vary under specific conditions such as different special light sources, view angles or temperatures, etc. Such ink features anti-counterfeiting effect because ink is variable and not easily obtainable, there exists a high threshold for printing technology’s regard, and the counterfeiters themselves have no idea about the secret that there is a special ink involved. Of course, this kind of inks are not good for counterfeiting prevention only, they are also favorites of many creative designers for their printing effects. We will introduce some inks commonly applied on anti-counterfeiting measures.

Coin Reactive Ink

It is not easy to find out what printed by the invisible ink, sometimes a special instrument is needed to tell the genuine from the fake, while you can simply use a coin, which is easily available, to identify which is genuine and which is fake by slightly scraping on the surface to find out whether the hidden pattern would show up or if there is a color change. It is extremely convenient for the complicated management tasks of channel business or restaurants on gift certificate and voucher applications.

Invisible Fluorescent Ink

Invisible Fluorescent Ink can be applied on variable serial number printing to prevent channel conflicts from happening. Since the invisible serial numbers are hidden on a specific location of the products which the regional dealers are not aware of. Any kinds of disorders such as dealer dumping with unreasonable prices, cross-territory sales, sale-rule breaking, etc., can be easily pin-pointed by scanning the sold products with an identification light.

Invisible Fluorescent Ink is transparent under visible light, and the hidden patterns can only be seen under invisible light. This type of inks is not easy to acquire, and it is even more challenging to print with invisible result. In most of the cases such invisible results can be achieved, but sometimes the printing results would leave with visible traces too. Anyhow, it has created certain kind of barriers for the counterfeiters.

Temperature Sensitive Ink

Temperature Sensitive Ink is a kind of inks which changes colors when temperature varies. It can be classified according to different temperature ranges, colors, and reversible / irreversible characteristics. Their appearances are just same as ordinary inks, and you may identify easily by using friction heat in the anti-counterfeiting application to tell whether the label is a fake.

Optical Variable Ink, OVI

The type of inks which present different colors and different degrees of luster when viewed at different angles is generally called “Optical Variable Ink”. Such type of inks has very good printing effects that they have been used on our TWD1000 banknote too. It is for sure that you cannot reproduce the printed matters by scanning as it has solid copy-proof feature.

Luminous Ink

The Luminous Ink will absorb sunlight and then emit luminescence for some time under dark condition.






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