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Concerning product packaging, the stickers are indeed something with high importance which you cannot emphasize enough for their options of easier process and rich diversity among all the other packaging materials.

Can differentiation possibly be made on a bottle of juice? Packaging is definitely the most important first impression. The packaging sticker in the figure is combined with a variety of printing technologies and different skills together with different materials such as cylinder printing, matte finish, spot varnish for screen printing, hologram anti-counterfeit hot stamping, etc..

Customized shape

The shapes of the packaging stickers can be changed according to the design requirements.

Spot Varnish

The pulp texture lines have been specially outlined, so that the fruit looks more juicy and real. Spot varnish measure can highlight the focus of the design that it has contributed to a benefit of finishing touch, as shown in the figure.


"Emboss" is a process practice to apply pressure onto the surface of the paper and result in three-dimensional touch sensation which can be implemented with spot varnish or hot stamping to make the effect more obvious. Blind emboss is less obvious than registered emboss, but such tactile impression of light/shadow with low key can be a key protagonist of the design, too.

Transparent Hologram Film

Transparent hologram film is very suitable to be used in the minimalist style design. The Holo Solution's patented equipment is the industry leader for its precision and efficiency in doing three-color positioning hot stamping at one time. It is not that obvious, but eye-catching with low profile.

It can either be single color or hologram hot stamping to fulfill designs of free styles.

Seal Sticker

Seal sticker design allows consumers to have first-hand opening sense of honor, and can be easily opened with the dotted-cutting line. The use of special Tamper Evident materials is to protect the manufacturers' credits.

Link to 「Tamper Evident Seal Sticker

Embossing Gold Foil

Different results from "Logical light pattern" or "refraction pattern" can be seen with different angles. It is more exquisite than ordinary hot stamping, and it has basic anti-counterfeiting characteristics.

Customizable high-quality seal stickers for wedding cards, invitation cards, and greetings cards. The figure shows customized transparent paste sticker with plain laser hot stamping.

Security Product Label

Combined with hologram technology and printing that it is suitable for making product label with anti-counterfeiting characteristics.

Designs of small-MOQ(Minimum Order Quantity) and large-variety can be fulfilled through digital printing technologies. The figure shows the packaging stickers which have combined with hologram anti-counterfeiting films and variable patterns printing for crystal soap packaging, in order to meet the requirements of a wide range of product categories.

Security Printing Design

Packaging sticker can have the security hidden effect "Moire", which a simple color see from the naked eye, but the hidden pattern only can see through the exclusive inspection film.

Link to 「Anti-counterfeiting Security Printing Pattern






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