Anti-counterfeiting parking permit & badge

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The issue of faked parking permits is one of the most serious counterfeiting problems. As that normally does not associate with big costs that it has not given rise to the authority’s attention, thus the issues persist and make parking management difficult.

It is the most cost-effective way to use hologram technology on anti-counterfeiting parking pass. In general, it is not easy for the parking lot administrators or guards to check the parking permits carefully, let alone making authenticity verification. However, preliminary identification can be done through the laser light effect at a certain distance.

Transparent hologram Laminating Parking Permit

The patterns are rather conservative with rich texture, and customized color printing options are available. Its color performance is better than ordinary gold and silver color laser films. The transparent hologram patterns are also helpful in enhancing the anti-counterfeiting effects that such good features have been widely used in many countries' passports.

Silver-base Hologram Parking Permit

Silver color base can increase the brightness of the hologram pattern with high recognition, and similarly it can be combined with customized color printing, too.

Parking Permit Stickers

Security parking permits can be made into stickers, too. It can be attached at the conspicuous positions of the car windows or motorcycles. If appropriate waterproof and UV resistant materials have been applied, rest assured that you may stay worry-free from wind, rains, and sun exposures for at least half or a whole year.

Parking Permit Cards

Card type security parking permits can be laminated for protection. They can be printed on both sides, and usually the instructions and precautions will be printed on the back.

Parking Permit with Sucking Disk

Parking permit can be easily fixed at front windshields of the cars when suction cups are added. There won’t be any trouble of residual glue or removal difficulty and more.

Waterproof Color Stickers

to apply security printing pattern for the anti-counterfeiting effects without using hologram film. It can be considered if there will be post-printing or sealing requirements afterwards.

Link to 「Security Printing Pattern Design

Shared-template hologram film parking permits

Security hologram film with high degree anti-counterfeiting and recognition features produced from professional hologram production process. If applying the shared-template, then you don't need to cover the plate cost.






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